25 February 2008

February genealogy column

Julie Miller’s monthly column is in the 24 February 2008 edition of the Broomfield Enterprise. The topic for February is Second chance will revitalize research. Julie writes about her plan to take advantage of second chances to improve and recharge her genealogical research.

19 February 2008

Digital photo frames may be infected with virus

Many of us purchased or received a digital photo frame over the recent Christmas holidays. Lots of stores had the frames on sale for very reasonable prices. I bought two, one for my son-in-law and one for my sister. I didn’t load my son-in-law’s with any photos but I did load the one I sent to my sister with family pictures. I thought it was the perfect way to share with her some of our family’s history. Now I find out that I may have given both of them a computer virus.

A San Francisco Chronicle article reported Friday that some digital photo frames are infected with a Trojan Horse virus from China. The frames were sold by national retailers, many of whom have stores in Colorado.

If you bought or received a digital photo frame recently, I recommend that you read the article at Virus from China the gift that keeps on giving and share the information with anyone who received a frame at Christmas.

17 February 2008

Riverside Cemetery makes list of Colorado endangered places

Colorado Preservation, Inc. has added Riverside Cemetery to their Endangered Places Program for 2008. Colorado Preservation, Inc. is a non-profit organization which provides assistance in historic preservation through a network of information, education, training, expertise, and advocacy. The Endangered Places Program began in 1997 with the purpose of identifying historic sites in Colorado that are in danger of being lost.

For more information and to see a video clip, go to Colorado Preservation, Inc. and click on “Riverside Cemetery.”

Colorado Preservation, Inc. holds a yearly conference which was recently held 6-8 February 2008 in Denver.

2 February 2008

Western History and Genealogy announces electronic newsletter

The folks at the Western History and Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library (DPL) announced a new electronic newsletter this week. The newsletter, which will be updated monthly, will cover recent acquisitions and new materials, research resources, donation information, and upcoming events.

You can sign up to automatically receive the newsletter in your email, subscribe in your RSS Reader, or simply visit the Newsletter page on the DPL Web site.

I took a look at the first edition of the newsletter this morning and it is very informative. This is exciting news for the Colorado genealogical community.

You can check out the newsletter by going to Western History/Genealogy News.

1 February 2008

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) highlights African-American heritage

For the third year, the Rocky Mountain PBS will be airing a special program highlighting the genealogy of famous African-Americans during the month of February.

The station is also sponsoring a contest which will give one African-American resident of Colorado a free DNA test .

To read the entire article which was in the Denver Post on 31 January 2008 go to African-Americans find surprises in PBS special.