28 October 2007

October genealogy column

Julie Miller’s monthly column is in the 28 October 2007 edition of the Broomfield Enterprise. The topic for October is “Homestead records great tool in tracing family’s roots.” The article discusses what can be found in a homestead file and how to obtain the file from the National Archives and Records Administation.

16 October 2007

More land books for Colorado

Since our earlier post, Arphax Publishing has released more Colorado counties in their series of Family Maps books. This week’s releases include a Deluxe Edition* for Ouray County. Here is a list of all the Colorado counties currently available for sale:

Crowley County, Colorado: Homesteads Edition
Pueblo County, Colorado: Homesteads Edition
Custer County, Colorado: Homesteads Edition
Otero County Colorado, Deluxe Edition
Bent County, Colorado, Deluxe Edition
Logan County, Colorado, Deluxe Edition
Ouray County, Colorado, Deluxe Edition

* Deluxe editions “allow comprehensive research for the physical location of the underlying land, are quite a bit longer than Homesteads editions, but [are] a little more expensive.” For more information about the differences between the two editions see these FAQs at the publisher’s Web site: “What’s the difference …” and “Why do you have TWO …

1 October 2007

October-November 2007 Events

October is Family History Month. Enjoy the many events taking place in Colorado.

  • Saturday, 6 October, Black Genealogy Search Group 6th Heritage Festival.
  • Saturday, 6 October, Preservation Workshop at DPL
  • Saturday, 6 October, British Isles Genealogy featuring Sherry Irvine
  • Saturday, 27 October, Highlands Ranch Community Genealogy Fair.
  • Saturday, 27 October, CO-PALAM Fall Seminar
  • See the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies events calendar for regular society events in Colorado.