18 February 2006

Colorado Yearbooks Part of New Collection

Ancestry.com recently launched a new database “U.S. School Yearbooks.” The collection includes various U.S. middle school, junior high and high school yearbooks.

The Colorado yearbooks that are included in the database are:

  • Colorado Springs High School, Colorado Springs-1924, 1934
  • Deer Trail High School, Deer Trail-1942
  • Cathedral High School, Denver-1937
  • East High School, Denver-1936, 1942, 1960
  • Manual High School, Denver-1930
  • Centennial High School, Pueblo-1928

The yearbooks are indexed with the digitized image linked to the indexed name. You can also browse the digitized images of a yearbook by clicking on the state, city, school and year. Some of the yearbooks that I viewed had signatures and writings from students in the book.

A paid membership is required to access the Yearbooks. They are located in the Directories section of Ancestry and can be accessed at U.S. School Yearbooks

16 February 2006

PBS features Colorado filmmaker’s family history

This Saturday, local PBS station KBDI will feature Shared History, a documentary by Boulder filmmaker Felicia Furman. The program is being aired as part of the station’s observance of Black History Month. According to the Shared History site, “This one-hour television documentary is about the complicated contemporary and historical connection among black and white families who are now or have been associated with Woodlands Plantation, located in Midway, South Carolina, in a relationship spanning more than 260 years.”

KBDI (Channel 12), Saturday, 18 February 2006 – 9:00pm

This Boulder Daily Camera article tells about Ms. Furman’s research using oral histories, photographs, and other documents, in collaboration with descendants of her ancestor’s slaves. There is also a press release at the KBDI site.

Thanks to Ruth Ratliff for pointing out the Camera article.

15 February 2006

February Genealogy Column

Julie Miller’s monthly column is in the 11 February 2006 edition of the Broomfield Enterprise. The topic for February is “New Handybook is Here.” The article takes a look at the Eleventh Edition of The Handybook for Genealogists United States of America.

Coloradoan publishes Quirke genealogy

Terry Quirke has recently published Quirke Genealogy and Family History, a hardbound book of more than 600 pages, including illustrations and complete documentation. He summarizes the scope of the book as follows:

This started out to be a Quirke book but has ended up being an Irish book. It exemplifies the Irish diaspora of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From an Irish foot soldier in a British regiment of the early 1800s he, his children and their descendants became significant persons living in the major English speaking countries of the world: Ireland, India, New Zealand, England, Australia, South Africa, and the United States. The significant surnames in Ireland are Boland and Hogan; in India Quirke; in New Zealand Gallagher and Pearson; in England Quirke; in Australia O’Sullivan, Hore and Buckby; in South Africa Quirke and Biggs; and in the United States Quirke and Washburn.

You can see the book at Denver Public Library (G929.2 Q47qui2005), or obtain it from the publisher ($50.00 in North America, $75.00 elsewhere). Order from: Quirke, Quirke, and Assoc., Publishers, 2310 Juniper Court, Golden, Colorado 80401-8087, USA.

Reference: Quirke, Terence T., Jr. Compiler and Editor, Quirke Genealogy and Family History of Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland, India, New Zealand, England, Australia, South Africa, and the United States. Golden, Colorado: Quirke, Quirke, and Assoc., 2005. 631p.: ill, ; 28 cm.

14 February 2006

New Colorado cemetery publications available

Don Elliott of Colorado Research Publications has announced the availability of two new publications: Cemeteries of Colorado: A Guide to Locating Colorado Burial Sites and Publications about Their Residents and Colorado Cemetery Index I: Individuals Interred in Small Colorado Burial Sites. Each is available in printed or CD-ROM formats. You can order these publications from the Colorado Research Publications site.

Here is an example of information found on the Colorado Cemetery Index I CD-ROM:

  • Put the CD-ROM into CD drive; it will load automatically.
  • Click on “Names” in the menu on the left side, then click on “G” to bring up the surnames beginning with “G.”
  • Scroll down to find a name of interest, for instance:
    Guymon, James N. [b1865 d1944]
    Publication & Page No.
  • Click “Contents” in the left-side menu, click “Cemeteries Indexed” in the menu at the top, then scroll down to find Mormon cemetery:
    Burial Site
    Mormon aka Old Mormon aka Weber No 1
    County: Source & Starting Page No.
    Montezuma: 158-1
  • Click “Source Documents (Cataloged)” to find the source:
    158 Serious and Grave Plots: A Listing and Look at the Individuals Buried in the Mancos Valley Cemeteries, Darrel Ellis, 2002 [cataloged]
    Contents: Location, History, Block/Lot/Grave, Index
  • Using the Colorado Virtual Library site, locate the book at Pikes Peak Library District (Carnegie) and Fort Lewis College Southwest Center.